Industry 4.0

We transform factories controlled by Excel and paper into fully digitized and flexible smart factories. Everything runs digitally, with data available immediately and wherever it is needed. Thanks to this, there are significant time savings, material savings and savings on human resources. Digitization means reducing the possibility of human error to a minimum.

More than 100 customers

More than 100 customers around the world have used our services and methodology for implementing a paperless smart factory. To digitize production processes, we use the most suitable systems based on analyzes and feasibility studies such as SAP, Productoo and others. The solutions designed by us have been used by customers from Automotive, Pharma, Food & Beverages and other industries. Our systems manage production in large multinational corporations as well as in medium-sized manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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We usually digitize

Itica digitizes the entire production process door to door or only parts of it according to the specific requirements of the client. We implement the latest production strategies and technologies. In this way, we help with the individual stages of your business and production activities.

We use many years of experience with production management based on SAP analysis and optimization to participate in the development of the modern Productoo smart ecosystem.


Digitized Shopfloor

Your production operators (workers) have a production plan available directly on the line, they can call a maintenance person or view the production process. All in digital form and in the language of their choice.

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Paperless production planning

Planners create a plan on their computer or tablet screen, and changes are instantly reflected on the monitors of the rest of the factory. One planner can create and flexibly change the production plan of an entire factory of, for example, 1000 people.

How to plan without paper

Mobile maintenance 4.0

Maintenance technicians are always available anywhere, and on their tablets they can see maintenance jobs sorted by priority and available spare parts.

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A clear competitive advantage of the digitized factory

Thanks to digitization, your production plant becomes more flexible, leaner and at the same time less vulnerable. Nowadays, it is necessary (and not only thanks to the COVID pandemic) to be able to react immediately from any place. We need to coordinate the production team together with planners, maintenance workers and colleagues from other offices. All instantly, without paper and often somewhere on the go.

Faster production processes

You will significantly reduce the volume of production in progress and purchased material. Any downtime will be kept to a minimum. Proper maintenance management ensures that maintenance does not slow you down.

Higher operating profit

The time and material saved translates into a higher operating profit for your manufacturing plant.

Improving teamwork

Your departments will come together to achieve clear and understandable long-term and short-term goals.

Examples of our Digitization Projects

Global Roll-out Digital Manufacturing

We implemented global Digital Shopfloor software in Automotive. We helped introduce paperless production planning and execution.

More about the Digital manufacturing.

Global SAP PM Layout Design and Roll-out

We created a Blueprint and rolled out a global maintenance management template using SAP PM to several plants.

More about Digitized SAP PM.

Paperless Factory

We saved several thousand kanban prints in a single day.

More about Paperless factory.

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