SD10 – SAP SD Basic Course

SAP SD 10 Course Content

The SAP SD course introduces the basic processes and principles of SAP SD module = Sales and Distribution.


You’ll see how to create these documents in SAP:

  • Sales Order
  • Scheduling Agreement
  • Invoice issued
  • Delivery note
  • Requisitions from stock


You will learn to use these SAP processes:

  • EDI form of orders and business documents
  • Packaging Definition
  • Invoicing of orders received and orders open
  • Creating documents for loading the goods / products

Below you can see one of the videos from the SAP Sales and Expedition that we record and publish on our SAP YouTube channel.

The great advantage of SAP training, not only in the field of Sale and Expedition, is that you can try out various processes
in SAP testing. In the event that you order on a multi SAP course, you have enough time to repeatedly return to difficult or new problems and together with SAP tutor overcome them.

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