FI40 – SAP FI Accounts Receivable

SAP FI40 – SAP FI Accounts Receivable – Accounts receivable Course Content

The SAP FI (Finance) course introduces the basic processes and principles of operation of SAP FI – AR (Accounts Receivable ) = Receivables in SAP.


The basic structure of SAP FI course:

  • Introduction to SAP Finance – Accounts receivable: SAP Finance Accounts Receivable Accounting
  • Limits for customers – Credit management
  • Resolution of discrepancies and claims of payment – Dispute Management
  • Reminders – Dunning management
  • Reports in SAP FI-AR – Evaluations in SAP FI Accounts Receivable


You will learn to use these SAP processes:

  • Subscribers creating and managing
  • Creating limits for individual customers Subscriptions
  • Issuance and management of invoices issued
  • Tracing the flow of documents
  • Reminders managing
  • Customer Reports
  • Surveillance report of SAP Accounts Receivable module