SAP70 – Training customized for beginners in SAP

SAP customizing training / course content:


Differs from SAP00 training in the following:

a) individual form of training (you do not have to wait for the slowest member of the team trained in group training, you are not hinder by other people questions that you understand, etc.), and it allows us to discuss a far greater range of learning material.

b) scheduled for two days, when
– The first day we will discuss the basics of SAP controlling, its specificity, differences in particular modules, etc.
– The second day takes place the demo data test, you are trying to create order, customer file, etc.

c) beside SAP00 you will much more try processes in SAP (transactions) of logistics, finance, etc., so not only SAP controlling.

SAP70 customizing training is designated both for Key Users and End Users. We will provide you training documentation
in the range of a few dozen pages, both printed and electronic form.

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